It’s getting real…..

So, in less than one month my husband and I are off to Hong Kong.

Several months ago when my husband mentioned the opportunity to cover a “secondment” (fancy name for maternity leave) in his sister firm, it seemed so far away. It’s still surreal, but we’ve been working all summer for this trip. Our beautiful Chicago loft is for sale. We’re researching winterizing vehicles and winterizing condos. We’re preparing mundane details like car storage, storage insurance, setting up bank accounts without international fees, drivers license renewals, W-2 requisitions, etc.
After much research into traveling to Hong Kong with a pet, we’ve decided to leave beloved Boba behind.


In case you’ve never traveled with a pet overseas (we haven’t either), every country has different requirements for pet entry i.e. Hong Kong has no quarantine for animals from continental USA (in good health and with all their required vaccines, documentation, etc) however, they cannot travel in the cabin.  They must fly in the cargo hold.  The flight is ~16.5hrs direct from Chicago.  If the flight has a layover, the animal cannot leave the cargo area or crate and cannot come into contact with other animals.  Pets do this all the time successfully, yes.  I am absolutely positive of that!  Little Boba jumps when I drop a hanger or rustle a plastic grocery bag too rigorously.  I couldn’t put him in cargo, not when our trip is only for months, not years.  However, we are lucky.  Not only have we been blessed with an amazing opportunity, we have been fortunate to have many things fall into place for us. When we travel for work or pleasure, he typically stays with a lovely lady in Irving Park.  She has a yard and loves him dearly.  She asked to watch him for the duration of our trip.  He will be in good hands…..great competent hands in fact.   However, this has not stopped my tears.  I love that dog like he’s my child.  I worry he will think his pack has abandoned him.  I give him all sorts of other human traits and feelings as well.  We have no kids and he is my kid.
I do want to use Hong Kong as a base for much travel. Leaving Boba in the comfort of Irving Park seems like the right thing to do.

I plan to post pictures and chronicle our/my travels on this site. I will travel to Singapore, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Australia, Phillippines, Macau, etc.

I’m nervous and excited for this opportunity! My typical pastimes are reading and exploring new cuisines and restaurants with my husband. This will be outside my comfort zone. I look forward to having your company along the way!