The Peak – Victoria Peak

Yesterday, I had such an amazing day.  It was beautiful and clear with no chance of rain…..but a slight chance of meatballs –ha ha, I couldn’t resist.  And our hotel was about a 9 minute walk to the Peak Tram.  So I figured, before we move, I should really check it out while it’s so convenient.  I arrived at the tram station pretty early in the morning and there was a small line.  I am so glad I went early because on the way out, the line was at least 3x the length!

Now I’ll admit, I had no idea what I was in for, I just knew that I was taking a tram up a mountain so I could get a better view of Hong Kong.  I also knew it was called Victoria Peak .  After getting my round trip ticket ($90 HK dollars), I headed to the queue awaiting the next tram.  On the way, there was some history documented on the walls and that’s when I found out the tram had been running for 129 years!

this is a previous tram car

I believe a tram comes every 10-15 minutes.  It was the perfect amount of time for me to catch a couple pages of a book I’m reading.  It didn’t feel like it was even 10 minutes.

The tram arrived and I’m one of the last people allowed in the car before the attendant shut the door.  All the seats were already taken.  Well, no worries, a lovely Irishman got up and offered me his seat.  I didn’t feel terribly bad about this because 1) his buddies were standing next to me and getting settled in along the back wall for the ride upright and 2) I had a glimpse of the track ahead.  I definitely needed to sit down for this!!  It looked like a straight-up vertical climb!!

inside of the car- present day

I am fine, obviously–this tram has been running for 129 years.  However, the things going through my head were not as confident– “OMG, this tram has been running for 129 years-how do they maintain the track?” and “how do they know we don’t weigh too much?” and “do they know there are more people on this tram than seats available?” are just a few questions I had spinning through my mind.  I still can’t believe the slope of the track.  And I cringe to think of the creaking noises it made both in ascension and the ride back down.

It was totally worth it though.  I’d pay way more than ~$13 US for this amazing view.  I have so many pictures of it.  It was surreal.  I am a blessed, blessed individual!  Look at the views!!!!


It’s really going to be hard to top this.  What an amazing day!  Thank you to all the workers at the Peak Tram for ensuring that we safely arrived at the top and back at the bottom of Victoria Peak!

Dana Sanza Chen
Senior Flavorist

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    1. Haha, very funny, Mo. I actually texted Qi and told him I might take the bus back down and waste the RT ticket….that’s how scared and how steep it was. It was like a giant roller coaster ascending. Thank goodness on the way down we sat backwards.

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