Hong Kong Bird Sanctuary and Night Market

Qi has been working crazy hours and weekends.  It’s not really different than at home except at home he can work from home–so he’s physically present.  Well Saturday, I thought he could use a break.  He hasn’t even been to the Hong Kong Park yet!  So we took a trek to the Hong Kong Bird Sanctuary and later went to Kowloon to check out the infamous Night Market at Jordan.

Remember how our first week here, I went to the Zoo and Botanical Garden and commented on the limited number of birds?  That’s because I didn’t go far enough into the gardens.

beautiful mango tree!


IMG_20171202_133221 bird sanctuary
hello cutie
If you knew how many pictures I took of this parrot eating!
(s)he likes mango and dragon fruit!

There were over 600 birds in the sanctuary.

some were lovers

IMG_20171202_133100 bird sanctuary IMG_20171202_132605 bird sanctuary IMG_20171202_132238 bird sanctuary


IMG_20171202_132047 bird sanctuary

IMG_20171202_131819 bird sanctuary IMG_20171202_131006 Bird sanctuary

We also walked around Hong Kong Park.  That park just never gets old to me!  And it was Qi’s first time.  I was really excited to show him around.

IMG_20171202_135242 hong kong park IMG_20171202_135445 hong kong park IMG_20171202_135530 hong kong park IMG_20171202_135132 Hong Kong Park

That night we visited the famous Night Market in Jordan.  It was such an adrenaline rush to barter with the vendors.  Although, I didn’t purchase a thing…

IMG_20171202_221752 Night Market
there’s a slight chance he knew I snapped a picture…

IMG_20171202_221801 Night Market

Eating street food is a bonus.  I mentioned these bubble waffles in a previous post about food in Wan Chai.  They still taste like waffles.  We’re glad we had them but we’re not going to open a stall selling them in the US or anything.

IMG_20171202_232848 night market

Some things to note about Hong Kong that I keep forgetting to mention:

  1. The doors to most malls and public buildings can either be pushed or pulled.  It’s really nice not to have to think about it.  Although, I foresee this biting me in the ass when I get back to the States!
  2. In public buildings, sometimes the escalators going up are on the left hand side (LHS) of the escalators going down (I consider this a British influence- akin to driving on the LHS of the road).  However, we’ve seen (in the same building!) escalators that follow the same standard as the States- where the escalator on the left is going down and the escalator on the right is going up.
    going up on LHS

    going up on RHS
  3. Along the same line, in the MTR stations, there are some stairs with arrows pointing up on the LHS and some where the stairs on the LHS point down– good thing they’re labeled!IMG_20171206_174656
  4. Lots of the buildings have a huge overhang over the sidewalks below.  This is because in the summer there are tsunamis in Hong Kong and a lot of rain.  You almost don’t need an umbrella if it’s raining.

We’re here!

Tea Ware Museum and Fruit Market



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  1. I love the way you see things! Bummer that Qi is working so much. I hope you are finding people to chat it up with! Miss you guys! I am enjoying your blog!

    1. Stacey! Thank you. It means a lot that you’re reading along….it’s like you’re with me. We wish you could be our neighbors for the rest of our lives! I miss you tons and of course my little Sadie-girl. And I love your white chili. Hugs and kisses to the whole fam.

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