Macau China- Christmas 2017

Qi had both Christmas day and Boxing day (12/26) off work so we decided to take a quick jaunt to Macau/Macao.  Macau is an hour ferry ride (~40mi) from Hong Kong and a huge gambling mecca of the east.  Gambling is illegal in many nearby countries so Macau is a very popular destination.  Since Macau was a Portuguese colony until the late 1990’s, it had an interesting blend of Portuguese and Chinese influence.  We arrived on Christmas morning and left the following evening.  It was a quick but fruitful trip.

I did some research on Macau concerning where we should stay.  It is much like Vegas- there’s a downtown with gambling and then the strip is in a different location.  Additionally, Macau has a beach resort area.  I was expecting many more casinos since its gambling revenue is larger than Vegas.  However, it felt like a very tame Vegas- no drunkies on the streets or people whooping and cheering in the casinos.  The vibe was pretty mellow.  I wanted to blame this on Christmas, but it might just be less flashy.  Although we visited over a holiday, it was still crowded.

We stayed in what is considered downtown Macau because a lot of the history is in this area.  It is a very small island, so traveling to the other regions is no more than a 15 minute cab ride.  Our hotel let us check-in right away so we dropped off our bags and began sightseeing.  From our hotel it was a short walk to the Ruins of St. Paul’s.

DSC_0577 Macau

DSC_0584 Macau

DSC_0589 Macau

DSC_0592 Macau

DSC_0597 Macau
the crypt

We saw the Historical Centre and St. Dominic’s church:

DSC_0529 Macau

DSC_0566 Macau DSC_0569 Macau DSC_0553 Macau

Senado Square:

DSC_0501 Macau

DSC_0517 Macau
panner used to roast chestnuts over a fire

A Temple:

DSC_0518 Macau DSC_0521 Macau

The streets and landscapes:

We love to try the local food specialties.  I was especially excited for the egg tarts (they were divine!) and Qi was excited about the pork chop bun.  I filled up on egg tarts and bread so I didn’t have room for the pork chop sandwich.  Qi said it was delicious.  We also had the steamed milk pudding which was amazing!

That evening, we went to a cirque du soleil-like show at City of Dreams casino called House of Dancing Water.  It was a beautiful show featuring ballet, silks, acrobatics and all partially in water.  It was like Le Reve in that sense.

What an enjoyable Christmas Day!



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